Our Story

From the folks that brought you Hokkaido Manpei in Central Mall comes this dinner-only restaurant along the Mohammed Sultan stretch. This is one of only three restaurants in Singapore that offers motsunabe, a richer version of the beloved Japanese hotpot made with miso and offal. Another key ingredient in our dishes is beef intestines, which is incorporated into several of their small plate offerings, as well as several main dishes. The soft innards are cooked in a broth to bring out their flavour and collagen, and is said to be perfect for women looking to improve their complexion.

Seafood lovers won’t be missing out either since Motsunabe will be dishing out creations like the Stir-Fried Squid with Salted Fish. This dish is a briny combination of tender fish meat and firm squid tentacles stir fried in a savoury sauce. Perfect with steamed rice or even on its own, this is one dish that showcases the best of the treasures of the sea. The Hakata-Style Sesame Mackerel is another delicious dish featuring soft fish flesh bathed in thick, earthy sesame sauce.

With a fun environment, variety of dishes and a communal dining feel, this is the perfect place to unwind on weekends with family and friends without missing any of the action of the city.

- Head Chef -

Urayama Satoru

Urayama Satoru started culinary since 1993, he has 30 years of Japanese cuisine experience under his belt. It all began when Urayama first worked under one of the leading suppliers of pizza in Japan. Urayama loves to experiment and create new dishes. Though he was in the management level back then, he took the opportunity to assist in designing and developing pizza recipe and menu. Within these 8 years with the company, he slowly began to experience Yakiniku, Izakaya Italian pizza and pasta, and also the famous Motsunabe.

In 2011, Goku the Japanese Restaurant was established, Urayama officially started his career as a Japanese Master Chef and introduced the one of the best Motsunabe in Singapore that our customers love so much. Cuisine presented by Urayama Satoru's is the perfect blend of traditional Japanese flavors with a modern twist.